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Great American Clean Up

The nations largest community improvement program!

As a local affiliate to Keep America Beautiful we are excited to encourage groups, teams, or individuals to host their own “#cleanYOURblock” event on their own street or in a local public area to help beautify our community and spread awareness of the importance of recycling and not littering.

Setting up a CleanYOURblock Party is easy, just follow the steps bellow

1. Define the purpose of your project
2. Gather a team
4. Set a Date
3. Contact us using the form on this page to learn more about supplies and get more information about the clean up.
5. Execute and have fun!
6. Share your experience by sharing on social media using the #cleanYOURblock and #DoBeautifulThings hashtags.

Still have questions or are unsure?

Visit the Keep America Beautiful website to learn more about how the clean ups work and other materials.

Making an Impact